Google Ad Optimisation Scores: How To Perfect Yours

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If you are new to Google Ads, there is countless other things you should be focusing on before you care about perfecting your ad optimisation score(s). However, for those more advanced advertisers it could be a goal worth having. This article explores how to perfect your score.

What Is Your Optimization Score?

The optimization score is a score provided by Google to give you an insight into how your ad account is likely to perform.

Your score will be between 0 to 100%, and a 100% score means that your account is positioned to perform as best it possibly can.

You will see your score listed at various levels in your account (campaign, account and manager levels).

You will also see recommendations on how to improve your score (providing it isn’t at 100% already!).

How To Perfect Yours:

  1. Use price extensions.
  2. Add customer lists.
  3. Test dynamic search ads.
  4. Enable automated bidding.
  5. Respond to any additional recommendations.

Always keep in mind that your ultimate goal should not be to achieve a 100% ad optimization score. It should be to setup and manage the campaign that delivers the best return-on-investment (ROI) possible.

Written by Kyle Garcia

Hi, I'm Kyle.

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