Definitive Guide To Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

This article aims to take you through all the steps of creating your first Facebook ad campaign.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad campaign

The first step in creating your first ad campaign is to login to your Ad Manager account. Find and click the green ‘+ Create’ button in the Campaign section of your account.

Select The Campaign Goal

Similar to other ad platforms, Facebook lets you select your desired campaign goal/objective.

Once selected, Facebooks algorithm will take into account your selection when it comes to optimising performance.

Selecting the right objective is important as it will influence the direction your campaign(s) heads in.

Facebook will use the desired objective to select other parts of your campaign like the ad format(s), bidding options and optimisation of the campaign.

Campaign Title

Naming your campaign might sound simple enough but the method you use to title them can have a sizeable impact on how easy it is to manage your campaigns.

It is wise to include some distinguishing characteristics of your campaign in the title whilst following a similar format.

For example, you could include any (or all) of the below:

  • Client name.
  • Target website.
  • Any custom audiences used in the campaign.
  • The creative format used (e.g. video ad or image one).
  • The Facebook page being advertised.
  • The product or service being advertised.
  • The date of the campaign.

Using any of the above can help you keep your campaigns organised and orderly, aiding in management and reporting.

Campaign Details

At this stage you select some additional details for your campaign(s).

You can specify if your campaign is in any special ad categories, any A/B testing settings and how you want Facebook to optimise your budget.

Set Budget & Bidding

You will no doubt have a budget in mind already, and on this page you can set that budget so you don’t overspend.

Make sure you set your kind of budget (e.g. daily or lifetime), the amount you want to spend (per day or in total depending on the previous setting) and when you want your campaign to start and end (unless it is an ongoing one).

Targeting Options

Facebook is one of the best platforms for targeting. Besides a range of demographics options, you can also use custom audiences and lookalike ones to increase conversions and results!

As you are configuring your targeting settings, you will be able to see an estimated size for your target audience. Test broadening and narrowing this number in various campaigns to find the optimal ones.

Select Placements

Now you decide where you want your ads to actually show. You can either let Facebook decide and optimise as they collect data, or specify exactly where you want your ads to be triggered.

Create Facebook Ads

At last, the creation of your ads.

Likely this is the bit you have been waiting for and you have a huge number of options at this stage.


You are done!

Your first Facebook ad campaign is now ready to go live and start driving visitors to your site/page/app.

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