How To Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

How to hire a social media marketing agency (the best one!)

Building a social media following is hard, building one for your business and converting that following in to leads, enquiries or sales is even harder. If you find yourself struggling and think that a marketing company might be your best option, you aren’t the first and you most certainly won’t be the last. Here is how to hire the best social media marketing agency for your business.

Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency in The First Place?

For most entrepreneurs and businesses, social media marketing is not where they should be spending their precious time.

It is highly likely that your skills and experience will be found elsewhere. As such your time and energy will be best spent on those things.

No, often the most efficient, effective and logical option to grow your business will be to hire a social media marketing agency. At least until you can create and grow an effective in-house team (even then you might find you still benefit from working alongside an experience agency).

Reasons To Hire a Social Media Agency

  • Extensive experience creating and growing social media followings.
  • Subscriptions for all the best tools and software.
  • Experienced running multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • Knowledge to share with and teach you or your in-house team.

How To Find & Select The Right Agency

There are several things to keep in mind whilst selecting your social media marketing agency, all of which will help ensure that you hire a high-quality and adequately experienced one.

What To Look At When Hiring a Social Agency

  • Case studies – if they don’t have previous evidence of their work and results, steer well clear.
  • References – any agency with a good track record will have at least one or two close clients who are more than willing to let potential new ones know how happy they have been with the service(s) they have received.
  • Price – the cheapest agencies tend to be the cheapest for a reason. If they claim to be able to do the job for a seemingly unbelievable price, it might be too good to be true. Having said that they of course also need to fit within the budget you have and what you can afford!
  • Area of Expertise – What they specialise in is hugely important. Check they are experts in the area you need the most help with before getting tied in to a contract.
  • Contract – Most reasonable agencies wont try to make you sign any excessively long contracts. Approach with caution if anyone is asking you to commit for any more than 12 months. Most will tend to sit around 3 – 6 months.

There is much more to consider and we will be making further updates to this article soon. In the meantime, always carry out your due diligence before hiring any agency or committing to any contracts.

Positive reviews can often be faked but negative ones are rarely wrong. Your best bet will be to avoid any company which has more than a few negative reviews online (most businesses will generate a couple if they’ve been in business any real amount of time).

  1. I am looking for one now after parting ways with my last agency (they were okay, unfortunately just not delivering the results we needed). I will keep these things in mind, thanks.

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